High-Quality Rebottled & Reconditioned IBC Totes

IBC Totes, or Intermediate Bulk Containers, are made for the transportation of a number of hazardous or non-hazardous materials. These totes are regularly used in agricultural settings and the oil field industry, as well as for gardening purposes, storage, and other initiatives. All IBC Totes are DOT/UN approved for these uses and are commonly referred to as IBC tanks, intermediate bulk containers, or just IBCs. IBC Totes can also be used for fermentation, distillation, blending, and a number of other practices.

Security of the cargo is guaranteed when using IBC Totes because of their vigorous, strong design and thorough manufacturing methods. Materials are safeguarded against elements that could cause external damage, such as weather conditions, including air, dust, heat, water, and pollutants, and are designed to resist miscellaneous factors, including human and machine handling, dirt, rain, and corrosion. Because of this, food-grade materials, liquids, solids, and semi-solids are protected against non-hygienic standards, and “sensitive chemicals and materials” are safe from degradation or corrosion.

Specifications & Prices

We offer rebottled and reconditioned 275-gallon and 330-gallon IBC Totes with the option of a Wood, Steel, or Composite base. IBC Totes can be assembled interchangeably, making them perfect for manufacturing companies to store and transport various chemicals, feed, cereals, and other hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

275-gallon: $380 ea
330-gallon: $400 ea

Reconditioned IBC Totes

Reconditioned IBCs undergo a professional cleaning process to prepare them for reuse, encompassing a comprehensive cleaning of both the inner plastic container bottle and the steel frame. After a meticulous cleaning, each reconditioned IBC undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure its suitability for reuse.

The IBC reconditioning procedure commences with a careful visual examination of the cage and pallet, with any necessary repairs undertaken to restore their structural integrity. To achieve cleanliness, the structure is subjected to a high-pressure detergent solution and steam cleaning. Valves, closures, and gaskets undergo meticulous cleaning, testing, and repair or replacement if needed.

For IBCs that previously held free-running liquids such as oils, soaps, chemicals, or cleaners, the bottles go through a rigorous process. They are subjected to steam and pressure washing using a detergent solution to eliminate any residue, followed by rinsing, testing to meet UN and DOT requirements, and thorough drying.

While reconditioned IBC totes may not possess flawless aesthetics, such as having small dents on the cages or pallets, slightly discolored bottles, or slight variations in style between different IBCs, these characteristics have no impact on performance. Opting for reconditioned IBCs can result in significant savings of up to 25% compared to purchasing new IBCs, making them a cost-effective choice without compromising functionality.

Rebottled IBC Totes

Reconditioned IBCs may not be suited for food and beverage storage, regardless of their versatility. An alternative solution exists in rebottled IBCs. These combine an unused container with a used outer metal frame from another container, offering cost-effective refurbishment while guaranteeing the integrity and safety of a brand-new container. This is an increasingly popular solution in the food and drink industries that expands options for producers, manufacturers, and suppliers within this sector, providing them with flexible storage solutions.

In cases where the previous contents of an IBC tote include thick or slow-moving materials like paint, resin, tar, or adhesive, which cannot be adequately cleaned, the bottle is separated from the cage, washed, and prepared for plastic recycling. A brand-new bottle and valve, tested according to DOT and UN requirements, are then installed in the original cage. From the perspective of your product, it is essentially equivalent to a new IBC tote.

Similar to reconditioned IBC totes, rebottled IBC containers may exhibit minor imperfections on their cages and pallets that have no impact on performance. Furthermore, they are available at a cost savings of up to 15% compared to brand-new IBCs. Additionally, we offer replacement IBC bottles as standalone options.

IBC Tote Recycling Return Program

It is important to have empty IBC Totes removed from properties once they are finished being used. Our IBC Tote Return Program allows you to schedule a pickup time for your used containers to be removed from your lot. This service is absolutely free.

IBC Totes are commonly used for transporting and storing hazardous materials that should not be left unattended and unsupervised. Chemicals can leach into the ground it is on top of causing potential harm to you, your family, your property, animals, and the environment. It is extremely important to have used IBC Totes removed once they have served their purpose to avoid danger and damage

Delivery & Discounts Available

We offer delivery on all IBC Totes to anywhere in the US. If you are ordering a full truckload, we offer discounts with respect to the size of the order.

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